sensual and spiritual… 


Come closer
Come, come closer...
That I may touch you, embrace you, press you, embrace you, incorporate you,
Love you, protect you in my cells
Come close you who come from so far
From the deep blue of the abyss
Come closer, even closer, so that no space, no corner between us
 Is left outside, cold, abandoned, rejected...
To know each other, we must give ourselves
Completely to each other.
To give and receive from the container,
To know ourselves again.
In silence we explore the intensity
Of our secret vibrations.
In the slowing down, we give ourselves space to feel...
Fusions and de-fusions follow one another.
The freedom of our inner movements is our only guide
In this improbable dance where contact is king, and creativity, queen.
So come, as you are. Naked.
Close by, one more minute of eternity...
In a moment, you will be far away already,
Carrying in your eyes
And in the heart of your bones, a little of this knowledge of the depths
Alchemical mystery of which you and I know nothing
But let us intuit everything...
Rési-Danse !
I am vulnerable and naked before you
It doesn't matter what I wear, or what you wear,
No matter the distance between us, this illusion of time and space
I am yours and you are mine: We are.
The heart has no boundaries in its radiance
No memory, no obstruction or attachment
My brother, my father, my son, my friend, my lover
And none of these labels
You are inspiration. We are silent blaze
Sweetness of the flame, gaiety of the Woman
When everything in Us is open to the sacred Energy
I feel wide and full
Immense smile
Vast love, burning emptiness, gratitude
At the burning point of the heart,
There is no horizon
The All unites with the All
No high, no low, no debate. No beginning, no hunger
Only consciousness two dies...
Quietly I sat by your soul
This afternoon, I invited her to breathe in my aura
Shy at first, she came closer to me
And we melted together
Until the Source flowed
And the heart became the Sun!
The Dance of Life
Body to body strings and gold...Bodies in tune
In the fall and saraband you enter without knocking
And I open my doors without sounding the alarm...
Our bodies tuned to the water-body for eons
Recognise and marry each other in rainbow arabesques
You are there in my cells, lurking in the depths for a second, for a thousand years
I have been waiting for you. Motionless and yet attentive 
To the slightest sound that runs
Here you are, a strange stranger, so familiar, come to my heart
Resting for a moment...I hear you...
On my belly you lay a hand 
Feverish and cuddly...I bow.
Skin against skin, breath against breath, I ignore shame and fear.
I abandon myself to the happiness of the shared moment
In the flow of the Ocean of Life. 
The meeting of our dancing cells creates electricity, a billion of what?
What measure to take for the energy of a human bomb born from the shock of two open heart-bodies?
You crawl towards me and I surrender myself. I slide towards you and you make your law. Pass through my battlefields, lift my horizons, embrace my waist...
You promise to let me fall gently... 
 Suddenly would be violence to my body-feeling
The rose of my tenderness blooms with the sweetness of the trust I place in your hands.
On your heart.  It is useless to fight against the very Nature that brings us together today
In this miraculous moment of spring.
The grace that envelops us reveals invisible webs woven into the fabric of eternity
And we, tiny spiders hanging on our invisible thread, knit together:
Jumpers of wild silk, shawls of mohair, delicate cotton, indigos of linen, Shakespearean cashmere... 
100,000 needles that don't sting cause tremors in our butterfly bodies
Sparks of pure joy light up the dark and motionless caverns, suddenly awakened by 
A drum roll: the song of the bodies mingled with the gods.
Harmony and fullness tasted here together 
On the cow floor, connected to Heaven, which, 
For once, doesn't fall on our heads
But blesses us with its emerald green ray
The magic of the encounter of two graces us with the One, passing through the Three.
What if this was the Dance of Life?