This TREAT yourself OR SOMEONE YOU LOVE, with an oil full body MASSAGE at home…

Welcome to a gentle, respectful, 1-hour-oil-body massage with my own combination of various techniques (Californian, Korean relaxation, Sensitive Gestalt Massge, Ayurvedic…) and sounds (Tibetan bowl, voice). My purpose is to help you to relax and alleviate the tensions in your body due to stress, emotional memories, past traumas…Thus, you breathe better. Your energy flows more easily. You feel lighter, more energized and joyful, you sleep better and you regenerate. 

Please note that this massage is not medical nor sexual. 

Price :  70 euros, for a one-hour-massage at your place, up to 25 km around Quillan.

Please contact me at 06 61 62 19 21. / biodanzalorena11@gmail.com/ www.alegriavida.fr

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Client Testimonials

Dont’t take our word for it – here’s what my clients say:

“The massage I received from Laurence revitalised me! Pleasant, soft touch and at the same time firm in the more tense areas. Well-positioned sounds to undo blockages. An important moment for the body and the soul that really feels good. I particularly recommend it. Thank you again.

Martine, 60 ans, Aude

“Laurence’s science of touch has worked wonders on my poor body, which is sore from too many emotions, stresses and tensions suffered over the years, not to mention inner conflicts. She is a wonderful listener, adaptable and has good advice and has worked very well to resolve my somatization problems. I recommend her.

Louve, 48 ans, Aude

“Today I received a complete treatment that reinvigorated me and put me back on track.

Laurence feels all the important points that need special care and is very careful not to exceed the threshold of my pain.

Not only can she release many tensions that have built up, but she is also able to untie the most tense points, for example in the back.

I highly recommend it to all those who love the softness and firmness, the deep relaxation and the wonderful well being that these massages provide, leaving us reconciled with Life every time.

Thanks to you dear Laurence for your attentive listening and your fairy fingers.

Joy Quillan, Aude

MASSAGE: The Art of Relaxation

“Do good to your body, so that your soul will want to stay there”.

Do yourself a favour. Take a break to immerse yourself in softness. To recharge your batteries at the heart of your being. To rediscover the strength of the vital fire that flows freely when the tensions created by the emotions crystallized in the body dissolve. I dance on my roots so that my hands can touch the bark of the other trees of my human brothers and sisters with respect and gentleness, and I marvel at the soothing smile that blossoms on their lips when they have found the path to their sacred temple. As I touch the body of another to awaken fully to life and its fullness, I am also touched. The body, sometimes anaesthetised, armoured by an emotional overflow, repairs itself. The cells move, expand and start to dance. Soon, the whole body is relaxed and ready to get back into the movement of Life. In the dance of the world.

Where does massage come from?

Touch corresponds to the essential need for “nourishment” or ” an affectionate contact”. The infant needs warmth, body contact, to live and grow. If they are not touched, they simply die. In this respect, the human infant has the same need as all mammals that lick and touch their young. It is a biological need, which allows the growth of the brain and other organs to be completed and to remain in good health. 

However, this has not always been the case, since in ancient times, the Persians and Greeks used massage. Hippocrates, the patron saint of physicians, describes numerous manual therapeutic methods in his treatise. The Romans practiced baths and massages. The Egyptians handed down recipes for ointments that helped masseurs to relieve pain. The Ayurvedic (Indian) tradition advocates massage as part of daily hygiene: “get up early, bathe, gargle, anoint your body, get rubbed”. The same is true in Japan and Thailand, where the techniques are passed down from generation to generation.

The benefits of “manual relaxation techniques”

What is known in France as “manual relaxation techniques” (editor’s note: non-medical massages, as the word “massage” is reserved by law for physiotherapy techniques) enable preventive action to be taken on stress and its consequences on the body (muscular tension, various somatisations….).

These techniques relax the muscles and improve blood circulation, restore the proper functioning of the internal organs, strengthen the nervous system and rebalance the hormonal system through a reflex and energetic action on specific points of the body. It frees the breathing and provides the emotional support needed in difficult moments through touch. The benefits of this overall relaxation extend to the psychological level. By receiving a massage regularly, one can gradually discover one’s specific tensions and learn to modify one’s way of reacting to external situations accordingly.

My massage/energetics practice:

I offer several types of body relaxation techniques, several ways to make you feel good, according to your needs and desires. 

OSIRIS” massage, stimulation of reflex points (head, hands, feet), lasting 30 minutes.

This technique is based on the correspondence between certain areas of the skin with other areas of the body, such as internal organs. These zones reflect the state of “clogging” of certain joints or internal organs. By manually stimulating these zones, we can quickly achieve a release of tension and an immediate effect on stress. The person being massaged is dressed.

The “ISIS” massage, sensorial, enveloping and unifying with organic sesame oil (about 1 hour)

This oil massage aims at a global harmonization of the body and mind, and an energetic and emotional rebalancing by integrating the whole body, from the feet to the head, through a sequence of sliding and unifying movements and by gentle mobilizations of the joints and skeleton. This “wave” effect can be completed at the end by a “bath” of sounds (gong, rain stick, singing) for a deeper “soul” massage. 

  • relaxation of the muscles and improvement of the blood and lymphatic circulation, draining effect with elimination of toxins. 
  • Rebalancing of the skin’s PH, well oxygenated and therefore more beautiful.
  • Other possible effects with regular massage: improved digestion, lower blood pressure, regulation of hormonal secretions, regulation of intestinal and renal elimination, better breathing. 

On a psychological level, this attunement technique brings us back to the need for contact and affectivity. It can enable a positive experience of a relationship through touch. It can erase negative impressions of childhood touch or lack of touch through attention and respect. The person being massaged is naked or wearing underwear. 

Source: School of Body Awareness. 

Gift vouchers are available for all of these massages, to be given as a gift, for Christmas, a birthday, a holiday, a promotion, a good deed!

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My massage training (since 2008):

-First year training at the School of Body-Consciousness, in somatotherapy, certificate of help through touch level 1 (shiatsu massage (acupressure), Californian oil massage, balancing of polarities, Korean relaxation, postural reading approach). 

-Training in Amma seated massage, Tony Neuman method (Touchline) http://www.touchline.ch

-Introduction to Sensitive Gestalt Massage (SGM) at the IFFP

French Institute of Psychocorporal Training http://www.massagesgm.com/

-Ayurvedic massage (numerous massages received and self-training)

-Initiation to the first two degrees of Reiki Usui.